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About Us

We like to define ourselves as an authentic, privy minimal beachwear brand inspired in the Mediterranean.

Currently based in Miami Beach, our brand was founded in Mexico City in 2013. Since then many shops in various cities have welcomed our beachwear products to their display. 

We honor being an independent brand, for that reason we manufacture limited quantities of each model.  Our products are only sold online and in highly curated concept stores around the world. We are mainly focused on catering to customers who value quality over quantity and that are fed up with repetitive products in a market saturated with fast fashion alternatives. 

We strongly believe in doing things the right way, for that reason, right from the beginning of our journey we decided to use this awareness to put together a brand that has the lowest impact possible on our planet & that values fellow human beings. Fair trade practices are embedded in every step before a product reaches your hands; from material sourcing, working conditions, quality assurance in products/processes, packaging/order fulfillment and by finally delivering an outstanding customer service experience.

It’s already been 10+ years since our journey began! We recently turned a decade old and we couldn't be prouder to having stayed loyal to the original concept, which has been part of our DNA right from the first day.