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Fair Trade

The rise of fast fashion companies in the last decade has had a very large impact on vulnerable individuals & our planet. In 2017, The Global Fashion Agenda teamed up with Boston Consulting Group to put together the Pulse of the Fashion Industry Report, a deep dive into fashion’s sustainability metrics. The conclusion is that the fashion industry was responsible for the emission of 1.7 billion tons of CO2 in 2015 or about 4.8% of global carbon emissions.

We like describing ourselves as “Planet Earth Groupies”. Whether if it’s the beaches, the ocean, the sky, forests, flora & fauna, we feel deeply touched by the amazing place we get to live in. We really value these natural resources & are aware of how they are deteriorating. All this together with learning about statistics that show that child labor, modern slavery & inhuman working conditions are still used in our era breaks our hearts. It’s urgent for all of us to act fast before it’s too late.

We’ve never wanted our concerns to end just because we see the numbers; instead, right from the beginning of our journey we decided to use this awareness to put together a brand that has the lowest impact possible on our planet & that values fellow human beings. For that reason we’d like to share with you some of the actions that we’ve been taking since 2013:

  1. Workers’ rights. Our manufacturing facility is located in Guadalajara, Mexico. The conditions of our team include 8-hour shifts with breaks. Salaries are above the industry’s average & are always paid on time. A spacious, comfortable & well illuminated facility is used to craft our products.
  2. Environment. We have a zero-plastic & super-low waste policy in all our phases. For this reason we do not package our items in plastic bags & use a super low volume of packing supplies. For online orders our mailers are compostable & packaging is designed to make sure customers re-use it.
  3. All of our suppliers are valued & considered a very important part of our business. Due to this, payment conditions & agreements are always honored. We source all of our supplies from small businesses to create a positive ripple effect.
  4. The main reason the fashion industry pollutes so much is the low priced/quality garments sold by fast fashion brands. These goods are put together to sell fast, are worn a few times before they fall apart & later disposed of. This cycle repeats itself endlessly. At Sunny Patoche we make sure our products are crafted to last. Also, our timeless designs make them appealing over time.
  5. Small production. We do not have a “limitless growth” mindset. This means we believe in selling a limited amount of products to customers who value them. The right product in the right location available to cater to the right customer is something we believe in.

With all these actions together with an authentic desire to honor an “infinite game” mindset, we take pride on being a small business that is operating differently. We are doing so by using our hearts instead of our egos.